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Free GSM Protocol Stack Introduction

GSM Protocol Stack explained Protocol Stack GSM Layer 1 Radio Transmission GSM900 Upstream : 890 ~915 Mhz Downstream : 935 ~ 960 Mhz Duplex Interval : 45 Mhz Bandwidth : 25 Mhz Frequency Interval : 200 Khz TDM / FDMA Modulation – GMSK GSM Layer 2 – Data Link Layer DLL LAPDm Link Access Procedure […]

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Free Introduction to SS7 Protocol Stack

SS7 Protocol Stack SS7 MTP – Message Transfer Part Components SS7 Message Transfer Part MTP 1 – Layer 1 MTP 1 is the physical interface of SS7 Protocol Stack, here we control the physical and electrical characteristics that make a link between two signaling points. Physical Layer use TDM over E1/T1 Links to transfer the bits converted […]

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Diameter Interfaces List : Free Guide

Diameter Interfaces List Diameter Interfaces list Base Protocol – IETF RFC 3588 Interface Network Location Supported version Diameter Commands for 3GPP IETF RFC 3589 Diameter Credit Control App IETF RFC 4006 NASREQ Support for Network Access Server IETF RFC 4005 EAP Support for Extensible Authentication Protocol IETF RFC 4072 Mobile IPv4 Support for Diameter Mobile […]

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Amazing Diameter Messages command codes list

Diameter Messages – RFC 3588 Diameter Protocol Diameter Credit Control Messages This messages have an application id = 4 Interfaces : Gy / Ro Abort-Session-Request – ASR Code 274 The Abort-Session-Request (ASR), indicated by the Command Code set to 274 and the message flags’ ‘R’ bit set, may be sent by any Diameter server or […]

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Diameter Protocol : Easy understand the basic functionality

Diameter protocol was created on 1998 to be a successor of RADIUS protocol, the main goal was to create a protocol more secure and implemented on signalling network. It can use TCP or SCTP at transport layer and as TLS and DTLS for transport layer security and it has a fail over mechanism using internal […]

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