Amazing Diameter Messages command codes list

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Diameter Messages
Diameter Messages

Diameter Messages – RFC 3588 Diameter Protocol

Diameter Credit Control Messages

This messages have an application id = 4

Interfaces : Gy / Ro

Abort-Session-Request – ASR Code 274

The Abort-Session-Request (ASR), indicated by the Command Code set to 274 and the message flags’ ‘R’ bit set, may be sent by any Diameter server or any Diameter proxy to the access device that is providing session service, to request that the session identified by the Session-Id be stopped.

Abort-Session-Answer – ASA Code 274

The Abort-Session-Answer (ASA), indicated by the Command Code set to 274 and the message flags’ ‘R’ bit clear, is sent in response to the ASR. The Result-Code AVP MUST be present and indicates the disposition of the request.

If the session identified by Session-Id in the ASR was successfully terminated, the Result-Code is set to DIAMETER_SUCCESS. If the session is not currently active, the Result-Code is set to DIAMETER_UNKNOWN_SESSION_ID.

If the access device does not stop the session for any other reason, the Result-Code is set to DIAMETER_UNABLE_TO_COMPLY.

Re-Auth-Request – RAR Code 258

A Diameter server may initiate a re-authentication and/or re- authorization service for a particular session by issuing a Re-Auth- Request message.

Interface : Ro

Re-Auth-Answer – RAA Code 258

The Re-Auth-Answer message is sent in response to the RAR.

Accounting-Request – ACR Code 271

Accounting-Answer – ACA Code 271

Capabilities-Exchange-Request – CER Code 257

Capabilities-Exchange-Answer – CEA Code 257

Device-Watchdog-Request – DWR Code 280

Device-Watchdog-Answer – DWA Code 280

Disconnect-Peer-Request – DPR Code 282

Disconnect-Peer-Answer – DPA Code 282

Session-Termination-Request – STR Code 275

Session-Termination-Answear – STA Code 275

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