Diameter PCRF Interfaces List
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Free Diameter PCRF Interfaces List

Diameter PCRF Interfaces

Sp interface

Between PCRF and SPR


TS 23.203

TS 29.328

TS 29.329

Rx interface

Between AF and the PCRF

3GPP TS 23.203 & TS 29.214

Gx interface

The interface Gx is used between PCEF gateway and the PCRF

3GPP TS 29.212 & TS 23.203

Ty interface

Between AGW and PCRF

3GPP2 TSG-X X.S0013-014

Tx interface

Between AF and PCRF

3GPP2 TSG-X X.S0013-013

S7c interface

Transfer of (QoS) policy information from PCRF to the S-GW.

3GPP TS 32820, TS 23402

S9 interface

Between PCRF in the HPLMN (H‑PCRF) and a PCRF in the VPLMN (V‑PCRF)

3GPP TS 23.203 & TS 29.215

Gxa interface

PCRF and the BBERF

3GPP TS 23.203

Gxb interface

Between ePDG and vPCRF

3GPP TS 23.203

Diameter Interfaces List

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