IMEI and IMEI-SV – International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and Software Version Number is a number used to unique identify a terminal (mobile phone) on 3GPP networks and satellite.


As we said all mobile devices must have a IMEI number associated with each

To verify your IMEI press *06# on your mobile phone.

If your mobile phone was stolen report to your ISP and share the IMEI with them to blacklist the phone.

IMEI structure

IMEI Number Structure

IMEI numbers have 15 digits but only 14 are used on telecom the other digit is used no satellite connections. The number is divided into three sections defining the Company


TAC – Type Allocation Code

Serial Number

Check Digit

TAC Application Form



Mobile equipment identifier (MEID)

Technical Specification Group Core Network and Terminals; Numbering, addressing and identification

Permanent Equipment Identifier (PEI)

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