GSM SIM Card Identifiers are codes defined by ETSI standards


Mobile Subscriber Integrated Service Digital Number is a 10 digits number associated with a country code, this is the client mobile number! The MSISDN can have a maximum of 15 digits but isn’t defined the minimum digits.


MSISDN = CC Contry Code + NDC National Destination Code

Example : 00 351 91 111 00022

Mobile Country Code : 00 351 – Public List with all PLMN country codes available here

MSC ID: 91 – This represents the Operator network, here we have the Vodafone code (91) with the country code +351 from Portugal.

HLR ID: 111 – The HLR Id represent the Home Location Register the card is register.

MSIN: 000222 – Number associated with client

E.164 : The international public telecommunication numbering plan

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